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“Devils Assemble!”

In the heart of Tassie, rugged and bold,
The Devils assemble, the young and the old.
From mountain to river, stream to the shore,
With rods at the ready, we fight tooth and claw.

 The ocean’s our playground, the waves fear our name,
Untamed and relentless, we fish a fierce game.
Against every current, we stand by our mate
Yo Devils! Go Devils! The great island state!




This is Devil Country!

Here, every cast is a declaration of our connection to the wilderness and our unyielding devotion to fishing.

Tassie Devils are on the prowl… agile and relentless, our passion matched only by the rugged beauty that surrounds us. Our quest: to wrest The Gauntlet from the mainland states and revel in keeping it safe on Tassie shores. Let‘s leave our mark on this competition like the indomitable stripe that emblazens our chest. Cross our hearts, Australia… the Gauntlet shall come home to Tasmania!



G.Loomis Tassie Devilss

… along with all the current “Competitor” Members of the Tassie Chapter of the Women’s Recreational Fishing League.

TAS Eligible Species