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“Hail the Seadragons”

Hail the Seadragons, raise rods and reels,
Here’s cheers to the victors, November reveals.
Through wind, flood or fire, we’ll never retreat,
Seadragons forever, we’ll never be beat!

Our rivals may strive, but they’ll never compare,
To the strength and the skill that we Seadragons share.
The Gauntlet is ours, we’re bold and we’re true,
Seadragons unite, in our strong navy blue!


Welcome to the Seadragon Stadium!

You’re in the heartland of the VIC Seadragons, where our rich sporting heritage and fierce thirst for competition merges with our unrivalled passion for fishing. When we trade our iconic stadiums for the watery arenas we love, let’s rise with unwavering resolve to conquer the Gauntlet with the same spirit that drives Victoria’s (other) sporting legends.

With every cast, and with camaraderie as our foundation, let’s charge into this Gauntlet season as the VIC Seadragons, ready to make waves, set records, and etch our names in the victor’s hall… for the Navy Blues!


… along with all the current “Competitor” Members of the VIC Chapter of the Women’s Recreational Fishing League.

VIC Eligible Species