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the rules

This section covers the Rules and Etho by which Australia’s Reel Gauntlet competition season is governed. If you’re looking or a quick overview, play the video located hereabouts — TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK — But how does THE GAUNTLET work?

If you’re after the nitty gritty, scroll down and select the button that refers to the specific query you have. 


SEASON OPENS 1 December 2023








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Follow the dots beneath these videos for a full explanation of the concept, the season, the stakes, and how to fish for your state.

Announcement: Early Adopter Bundle available until end October, unless stock runs out prior.

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The Complete Rules

View the complete Rules for Australia’s Reel Gauntlet, or download a printable pdf.

Fees & Kit

A summary of fees payable and mandatory gear required to score points in Australia’s Reel Gauntlet.

How To Qualify

An overview of what else is required to qualify to represent your state in Australia’s Reel Gauntlet.

Rules & Conduct

How to measure and score your fish, what qualifies, what doesn’t, and what’s expected of our team players representing Australia’s Reel Gauntlet.

Risk & Indemnity

Yep, participation risks are on YOU. There are risks involved with any fishing trip, and just like any fishing trip, you are responsible. This section outlines your acceptance of these risks and indeminifes Australia’s Reel Gauntlet and its organisers against litigation.