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How does it work?

All your questions answered…

This page provide answers to the three biggest questions people have about Australia’s Reel Gauntlet:

    1. How does the ARG Season work?
    2. How do points work?
    3. Can you fish in other states?

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SEASON OPENS 1 December 2023








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Follow the dots beneath these videos for a full explanation of the concept, the season, the stakes, and how to fish for your state.

How Do We Decide Who Wins THE GAUNTLET?

Once we get to the Final Rounds (click question 1 above to find out more), the six best placed states move into the elimination finals, with the first round fished in July. The diagram below shows how the eliminations work from there, with the numbers at the bottom indicating the ladder position of the teams as they head into July.

Diagram of the Final Rounds structure for Australia's Reel Gauntlet

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